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Monopoly Events and Comic Con Liverpool support various charities throughout the UK, here are the charities we are working with over 2019 and some information to give some insight into the work they are doing and how you can help by donating at Comic Con Liverpool.



Chasing the Stigma is a national Mental Health charity based in Liverpool. We are a charity that has grown from the real experiences of living with and handling mental ill health. That experience is fundamental to everything we do.


We understand what it can be like to struggle and we want to ensure nobody feels the need to suffer alone. We created hubofhope.co.uk, the UK’s biggest and most comprehensive mental health signposting tool, bringing local and national

mental health support together in one place. Using your devices location, the website and free app can pinpoint the nearest support and make help and support as easy as possible to find.


Everyone in the world has mental health, it is part of who we are, we just want to make it easier to talk about and for everybody to understand what to do if ever they struggle.


The link between mental health and cosplay in unseen but beyond amazing. The impact cosplay can have on people and their mental health is magical. You find the young boy who has been bullied and fears crowds out in a costume owning the stage and commanding a presence. There could be a grown woman who has depression or ptsd and this character can make them feel safe again.


People of all ages, races, colour and creed can escape the world to become someone they admire from films, games, tv shows, they can cosplay it. Together we want to show that cosplay is a fun and beneficial form of escape which can hopefully steer people away from the final escape there is no turning back from. It is true what they say cosplay is for everyone. You never know what adventures are around the corner and the people you can meet.


Help us chase the stigma of mental health suicide together through cosplay. We are beyond excited to be working alongside Liverpool Comic Con as official charity partner and look forward to seeing you about. Then maybe together we can all “Chase the Stigma".

You can visit the Chasing the Stigma website at https://chasingthestigma.co.uk/



Marie Curie is a registered charitable organisation in the United Kingdom which provides care and support to people with terminal illnesses and their families. It was established in 1948, the same year as the National Health Service.

The charity provides care to 40,000 terminally ill patients in the community and in its nine hospices, along with support for their families. More than 2,700 nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals help provide this care.

At the nine Marie Curie Hospices, quality of life for patients is actively promoted as is providing much needed support for their carers. Marie Curie provides the largest number of hospice beds outside the National Health Service

Marie Curie Cancer Care was founded in 1948.


When the Hampstead-based Marie Curie Hospital was transferred to the NHS, a group of committee members from the hospital decided to preserve the name of Marie Curie in the charitable medical field. This was the beginning of the Marie Curie Memorial Foundation − a charity dedicated to alleviating suffering from cancer today − today known as Marie Curie. Following the donation of an engagement ring to help raise funds for the charity, the very first appeal was launched and brought in a substantial £4,000.


The charity initially began as a hospital, opened in 1930 by the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, which specialised in the radiological treatment of women suffering from cancer and other diseases. In 1944, the hospital was destroyed in the war by a direct hit in an air raid. In 1948, Bernard Robinson OBE set about re-establishing the hospital and decided to separate from the National Health Service (NHS). He set up the Marie Curie Memorial Foundation to perpetuate the name of the pioneering scientist, Marie Curie. By 1950 the ongoing appeal had raised a staggering £30,000 and two years later the Marie Curie Memorial Foundation officially became a charity - number 207994.


An extensive nationwide survey was undertaken to help identify medical, nursing and research needs in relation to cancer. The results formed the basis of the work of the Foundation and, largely, still do today.


You can visit the Marie Curie website at https://www.mariecurie.org.uk