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Exhibition Centre Liverpool has a number of options for refreshments inside the venue serving hot and cold drinks as well as sandwiches and snacks and some hot food options. Outside of the venue a whole host of food and drink options open up as Liverpool Docks is home to some of the finest food and drink areas in the city.

Many of our traders will be selling sweets and confectionary as well as soft drinks and snacks and also cakes.


Wheeler's of St. James's Liverpool is perfectly located next to the venue and is the ideal spot for pre-show or event dining. The original Wheeler's restaurant dates back to 1856 and is credited with being the 'world's oldest and finest fish brand.' 


Seafood is the key component of the menu with classic recipes such as Oysters Rockefeller from the original Wheeler's and other dishes that have been re-worked by Marco such as the Mr White’s Coq and shrimp curry served with mango and buttered rice. 


Wheeler's reputation has been built on seafood, however, the menu offers a variety of meat, vegetarian & vegan dishes that make it accessible to all.

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